Privacy Policy

How NGSSLI Safeguards Your Privacy

Militia Administrative Services, Inc. knows you want us to keep your personal information private and secure. We're committed to doing this and have policies in place to protect your privacy. We've built our business with integrity, honesty, and trust. And we'll protect your privacy with those values in mind.

We offer group life insurance through USBA, MBA, and New York Life Insurance Company through NGSSLI. In order to provide these services, we collect personal information about you. Some of this is called "nonpublic personal information," which includes personally identifiable information that is not publicly available, that is provided by you, obtained by us for nonaffiliated third parties, or that results from your transactions with us. As we collect and maintain this information, we pledge to:

State Privacy Rights

Attention CT, IL, ME, and MN, residents:
If you reside in one of the states listed above, you should be aware that your state law affords certain access and amendment rights which differ from those granted by HIPAA(HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996). For example, under the laws of some states (but not under HIPAA) we may be required within 30 days of your written request for access to provide you with, among other things, a summary of the procedures by which you may request correction, amendment or deletion of your personal health information.

If you would like additional information concerning the collection and disclosure of personal health information - and your rights under state law to access and amend such information - it will be furnished upon request.


Let us be of service to you: The NGSSLI website is concerned that all pages contained on its Web site are accessible to all. If you find a problem that prevents or limits access, please contact us by e-mailing the webmaster.

We are working to make every page on our site fully accessible. If you should find an accessibility problem, i.e. unreadable file download, visual/multimedia presentation that is not adequately described, media that is not presented in a format that is readable by assistive technology, please contact us by e-mailing the webmaster. We will do everything possible to find a solution and address any accessibility issues that should arise. This is our highest priority and part of our commitment to making the web accessible to all.