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    Militia Guardian Group Term Life Insurance Plan


    All active members under age 60, of participating National Guard Associations who are active or associate* members of the National Guard Associations are eligible to apply for coverage. You may also apply for life insurance for all eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include your lawful spouse under age 60 and unmarried, dependent children from 15 days through age 25. A dependent who is a member can only apply for coverage as a member. If both parents are insured as members, only one may request child coverage. If you are a member of a participating National Guard you are automatically covered for $1,000 of term life insurance, effective as of the date of your enlistment. The premium for this $1,000 Basic Benefit will be paid by your National Guard Association and this Basic Benefit will continue until you separate from active service in the National Guard or otherwise become ineligible.

    *Associate members include retired or separated guard members.

    The following are the current 2020 monthly premiums for amounts of coverage per insured member or per insured spouse. Spouse coverage may not exceed member's coverage.

    Member Coverage*   Member Premium   Spouse Coverage*   Spouse Premium
    $    5,000   $  2.00   $  5,000   $ 2.00
        10,000   $  3.66     10,000     3.66
        15,000   $  5.33     15,000     5.33
        20,000   $  7.00     20,000     7.00

    * Coverage for members and spouses reduces 50% upon attainment of age 60, 70 and 75.
    Premiums remain the same. All coverage terminates at age 100.



    Current Monthly
    Premium For Children

    **Coverage for dependent children age 15 days to 6 months is limited to $500. Coverage terminates
    at age 26. Dependent children coverage cannot exceed member's amount.

         Surviving Spouse Coverage
         Upon the death of an insured member a surviving spouse can continue his/her coverage and the coverage of insured dependent children provided
         premiums are paid in a timely manner and the insureds remain otherwise eligible.

         When Coverage Ends
         The $1,000 Basic Benefit member coverage terminates at the end of the month when the member discontinues active service in the National Guard. However,      coverage other than the $1,000 Basic Benefit can be continued after leaving active service if he/she elects to remain an inactive member of the Association. Spouse      and dependent coverage terminates when member coverage terminates, except in the case of the member's death (see Surviving Spouse Section), when the spouse      attains age 100 (age 26 for children) or otherwise become ineligible under the group policy. Member and dependent insurance will also terminate if premiums are      not paid when due, the last day of the month in which the member attains100, your Association no longer participates under the trust; or the group policy is      terminated by the group policy holder or New York Life.

         Individual Certificates
         This brochure contains only a partial description of the provisions of the insurance coverage. Once approved, you will receive a Certificate of
         Insurance provided under Group Policy G-14109-7 on Policy Form GMR, issued by New York Life Insurance Company to the Militia Insurance Trust.
         When you receive your certificate, examine it carefully. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your certificate, without claim, within 30 days
         for a full refund.

         $10,000 Guaranteed Issue Coverage to New Active Guard Members
         If you enroll within 120 days after joining the National Guard, you may request $10,000 of coverage at no cost to you for the first year (paid for by
         your National Guard Association), without submitting evidence of insurability. If you do not apply within the 120 day period after joining the National Guard, you      may still apply by submitting evidence of insurability satisfactory to the Company and paying the required premium. This benefit will
         become effective on the first of the month following receipt of your enrollment form by the Plan Administrator.

         Waiver of Premium
         After an insured member has been totally disabled prior to age 60 for six consecutive months, insurance including coverage for eligible
         dependents will be continued at no cost to the member until attainment of the terminal age, provided the member remains totally disabled.
         Evidence from time to time of continued disability will be required.

         Accelerated Death Benefit
         This feature allows you to receive 50% of your death benefit (amount of coverage)should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness.
         To receive the accelerated death benefit, you must be under age 69, have been diagnosed by a physician, and given a life expectancy of
         12 months* or less. This benefit is paid only once and the future death benefit payment is reduced by such amount. Premiums are not reduced.
         The rest of your benefit would be paid to your beneficiaries at the time of your death. Receipt of accelerated death benefits may affect eligibility for
         public assistance programs and may be taxable. Prior to applying for accelerated death benefits, insureds should consult with the appropriate
         social services agency and assistance should be sought by a qualified advisor.
         *24 months for residents of Illinois.

         Effective Date
         All coverage amounts (except for the $1,000 Basic Benefit) will take effect on the first of the month on or following New York Life's underwriting
         approval of your application, provided your premium is received when due. All individuals to be insured must be performing normal
         activities of person in good health of like age on their effective date. If an individual is not performing their normal activities on the date of their
         coverage would normally take effect, coverage for that individual will be deferred until that person is performing the normal activities of a person in
         good health of like age, so long as that date is within 3 months of the date their coverage would have normally become effective and that person is
         still eligible.

    New York Life Insurance Co.
      The Militia Guardian Group Term Life Plan is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 on
      Policy form GMR. Future benefits are subject to change by agreement between New York Life and the policyholder. The rates shown above are
      the current rates, and may be changed by New York Life on any premium due date and on any date on which benefits are changed.