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 New Hampshire
 New York
 North Dakota
 Rhode Island


SSLI Administrator
Militia Administrative Services, Inc.
48 Main Street
Sturbridge, MA 01566
TOLL FREE: 1-800-633-8333

  To schedule a Benefit Briefing for your unit, call your National Guard Association representative listed below. For Customer service, contact the SSLI Administrator at 1-800-633-8333.
  Connecticut Connecticut
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  New York New York
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  Illinois Illinois
Jim Brusek
  North Dakota North Dakota
Dale Carney
  Maine Maine
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  Oklahoma Oklahoma
Dale Carney
  Massachusetts Massachusetts
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  Rhode Island Rhode Island
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  Minnesota Minnesota
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  Vermont Vermont
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU

  Nebraska Nebraska
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
  Wyoming Wyoming
Dale Carney
  New Hampshire New Hampshire
R. Austin Jenkins, CLU
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